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About Us

McKenzie Knight and Partners were formed in response to the problems faced by Doctors and have thousands of satisfied clients, both in the UK and overseas. We have been providing advice to hospital Doctors, Dentist, GPs, and Pharmacists for the past 18 years understanding their unque circumstances, and aim to free them from worry in their accountancy and administration affairs; allowing them to concentrate on their work and make the most of their valuable spare time. In the process, we have reclaimed on behalf of out clients, over £10 million in tax refunds from the Inland Revenue.

All NHS Doctors are affected by self-assessment and are now responsible for calculating their own tax. Research has shown that 80% of hospital Doctors have neglected their tax affairs. Despite busy schedules, changes in employment and address, they must realise the onus is upon them to keep the Inland Revenue informed, plus declaring additional sources of income (locums, crem fees, private practice, royalties, investments, shares Medical Reports, Overseas income and investments etc) and will incur heavy penalties for non-disclosure.

As an NHS Doctor working within the UK, you are three or four times more likely to be incorrectly taxed than any other professional. The Inland Revenue will allow accountants to investigate claims up to 4 years retrospectively. Failure to make the necessary claims within these time constraints will result in any monies owed being forfeited.



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